SGP Business Services Debt Recovery

From both research and experience, the services industries often struggle most to collect their unpaid accounts. We believe this can be due to the debtor often not having a physical product at the end of the service process and therefore struggling to see their ROI when faced with an invoice. Equally once a service has been provided, the seller has no leverage over the buyer.

In areas of Intellectual property, applications submissions and R&D, clients often instruct unaware of the back office work required or the scope of the instruction to fulfil their needs.

However, it is your client’s obligation to ensure they are fully aware of the obligations of their instruction whether they are a consumer or commercial client. Regardless of the reason for non-payment, real or invented when payment is requested, you work has a value and your account requires settlement.


  • With SGP providing you with a No Win- No Fee service, you can avoid both the cost of your time and spiralling legal costs in recovery.
  • SGP will be with you all the way, dealing first hand with your debtor.