Construction Debt Recovery Specialist

SGP are specialists within the Construction and Engineering Debt Recovery.

Sinclair Goldberg Price specialises in construction debt recovery and the engineering industry. The construction industry in plagued with bad debts and late payments, it has always been SGP’s largest debt recovery industry. SGP recover numerous construction debts from sole traders to large international contractors; with over 50 testimonials and counting here on the website the proof of our result driving recovery can be seen.

It is clear to see that the construction world has be majorly affected by the recession, you only have to turn on the news, nearly every week in the past three years and it has reported of major national and international construction contractors filing for insolvency. You drive into many cities and t you will see abandoned construction sites. One of the primary if not the sole reasons these construction sites are coming to a standstill is because of late payments, unpaid invoices and bad debt within the construction industry.

Construction Retention payments

One of the key factors in construction debt is the recovery of retention payments. Sub contractors often find it difficult to recover retention payments. We have seen many a client who have completed their work to a 1st class standard and has completed their “defects liability period” with no issue what so ever but still find it difficult to recover their retention payments. This is the time that Sinclair Goldberg Price can step in; with our specialised construction and engineering debt recovery team, you will be allocated a personal debt recovery agent who will oversee the recovery of your debts in a professional and efficient manner.  You will be able to contact your debt recovery agent whenever you wish to discuss any issue or queries you may have, we offer a “NO VOICEMAIL” office therefore there will always be able to speak to a member of our staff. 

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