Rydal Penrhos School

We are an Independent School operating in north Wales With an annual turnover of around £8 million. Our debtors are all private parents.

In the past we used a finn of solicitors to assist with debt collection. This proved to be very expensive and not very effective.

We first got involved with Sinclair Goldberg Price in July 2008 when we engaged in a Life time contract. We were allocated our own account manager. Dan Pirhala, who is a specialist in Independent School’s debt collection. All our problem debts are now passed to Sinclair Goldberg Price.

We have always received a very good, competent, efficient and professional service from Sinclair Goldberg Price. The debts we have passed have been by their very nature the more problematic ones. iVlost have been UK based but they have also had 2 from Taiwan in the Republic of China and one from Germany. Success rates have been very good as around 50% of debts have been collected or are on repayment plans.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Sinclair Goldberg Price.

Kathy Baines
Director of Finance

Service details

Date:15th February 2010