SGP is a debt recovery agency, we specialise in recovery of Deliberately Delayed, Disputed and Aged Debt. Offering a No Win – No Fee debt recovery and debt collection service, we aim to recover debts without recourse to legal action. We truly believe that commercial legal action should be a last resort and not you’re first shot across the bows. However, in the event that you want, or need, to instigate legal action in relation to unpaid invoices or debt recovery then our County Court Administration Service will be there to support you.

Each account is assessed to define a critical path to ensure a speedy but professional debt collection service. More importantly, should you wish to maintain your relationship with the debtor for the future, each debt can be managed to your individual requirements which can be discussed with your debt recovery agent / account manager.

SGP-Debt-RecoveryHere at Sinclair Goldberg Price we are Debt Recovery Specialists, specialising in the Collection and Recovery of Commercial Debts within the UK and Globally, settling disputes by arbitration and reclaiming unpaid debts on behalf of our clients. If your business is suffering from unpaid bills due to outstanding invoices SGP Debt recovery have the ability to recover your losses in a professional and efficient manner with trained and experienced debt recovery agents.

Only 2% of UK companies credit-check before offering credit.  You wouldn’t buy a house without a survey, so apply the same safeguard to your business. Gaining credit, housing or public services without registering to public access databases is now almost impossible for anyone

Our most cost–effective and frequently used service is the verbal credit-check. This allows your Account Manager to give information and answer your questions as they arise. A few minutes on the phone can help avoid a costly loss.

For disputes within the Construction and Engineering industries, SGP can take both you and your debtor through the Construction Pre-action Protocol procedure. The aim of which is to reach a settlement of the dispute without court intervention as building, construction, engineering and architecture disputes are known to prove costly and time consuming.

Debt-Recovery-ServicesSGP offers a first class Debtor Tracing service, this tracing service is a vital step in the debt recovery process.

In addition to a simple debtor address search, SGP can undertake a debtor employment trace on consumer debtors which will represent evidence of their employment and/or confirm if they are a home owner and hence assess their ability to repay their debts.

Gaining credit, housing or public services without registering to public access databases is now almost impossible for anyone!


SGP are able to trace debtors in the UK, Europe and Worldwide - All on a No Find No Fee Basis

With the increasing need to look outside of our waters for new business, SGP have at the request of our clients, expanded our services to included recovery from debtors outside the UK.

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