We have been using the services of Sinclair Goldberg for over a year now and I have to say it is a decision that we were very sceptical about but we haven’t looked back. We paid the initial fee and although we pride ourselves on doing everything properly, fairly and honestly we still have those clients that aren’t so admirable in their sense of ethics. Keeping a great admin trail definitely helps but we have had money in from people that we thought we would never hear from again and I have to say we plan to stay working this way. For us a debt collector is the very last resort it isn’t a route that we like to go down– but sometimes is a necessary last step as when a client stops communication, and does not act ethically and with mutual respect, then we do not want to work with them in the future anyway.

Historically we have walked away and put the odd bad debt down to “that’s business” but it is nice to be able to bank the funds that we are honestly owed when things don’t work out how we expect and people don’t treat us with the respect and honesty that we offer out. That’s it – simple really and to cap it all they are really easy to work with!

Debs Kelly
Finance Manager