Sinclair Goldberg price approached us after we won a court case against a client and we are so glad they did.

The service provided by SGP and particularly Steve and Rhea has been simply amazing, the information they help out with is worth more than its weight in gold and I can say that without their help we would still be struggling with the other company that we used beforehand.

The patience shown with all our questions to try and navigate the legal world is incredibly helpful as it makes it so much easier when you phone up for what you think is a mundane question, you know you will receive a very professional service, quick response and most importantly a full resolution.

The way we see it here is it is our job to action the electrics and try to claim the arrears outstanding, when we are unable to we pass this onto SGP and they have NEVER let us down.

We paid a VERY nominal sum to SGP to join and the money they have helped us to re-cooperate has made this the bargain of the century, most definitely recommend their service to everyone who is struggling to get their clients to pay.

On top of all this you genuinely feel wanted by SGP as a client, they keep you informed with weekly updates of the chasing process and when the debtor pays the money is VERY swiftly into our bank account.

All in all, we are extremely glad we joined and although we hope not to have to use SGP too much, we know when we do the most professional job will be done and monies will soon arrive.

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Date:16th August 2018