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Sinclair Goldberg Price have successfully obtained payment from a Domestic customer who claimed he had nothing but ran a business. The Case was paid in full including costs.

Business customer, took well over terms, gave us all the promises in the world, we called upon SGP and the findings were amazing. Debit was half paid up and costs due to circumstances. But SGP did a wonderful job for information.

Oakley’s do use SGP for all chasing of bad debt customers on the Domestic sector, and in most cases they are honest in saying if it worth pursuing any further due to the cost to Oakley’s and the length debt time.

This is to confirm that Oakley’s have used SGP for 4 years now and use them for Commercial Debt Collection if Oakley’s Credit Control has no alternative option, of which they have been successfully on big cases.

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Credit Control

Oakley’s Fuels Oil Ltd

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Date:15th December 2011