I have been in business for over 21 years . During the course of this time I have sought out the services of Debt Collection agencies from time to time, to date, however, they have never produced any results which made the effort of engaging with them worthwhile. Despite securing the services of reputable companies, their promises have consistently outweighed their results, and in many instances the costs have merely added to an already unpalatable debt.

In November 2015 having pursued our debts through the courts and obtained judgements we were approached by Sinclair Goldberg Price debt recovery agents. After some consideration we decided to enter into a contract with them for the provision of debt recovery services. I am delighted to say that it has been an absolute ‘breath of fresh air’. Since signing with Sinclair Goldberg Price in November we have had settlement of five large outstanding debts, three of which were over 2 years old. In addition to this we are now receiving regular monthly payments from 9 other debtors many of whom had been outstanding for well over 12 months.  I am absolutely delighted with the results so far and particularly like the fact that we have a dedicated account manager who is always at the end of the phone. The relief of knowing that this rather unpleasant aspect of running a business is now being properly and efficiently managed is huge.

I would happily recommend Sinclair Goldberg Price and look forward to continuing with our successful relationship.

Catherine Scott

Domalo Limited

Service details

Date:15th March 2016

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