Having worked alongside the company for the last year, Sinclair Goldberg Price, and our primary contact Steve have yielded great results when it comes to retrieving what is owed to us by debtors. It took a while to smooth out a system of working which enabled them to hit the ground running, but now we are happy to rely on them. There have been discrepancies in how some employees communicate, though now we work primarily with Steve there have been no more issues. Following the introduction of GDPR certain aspects have become a little more difficult, though Sinclair Goldberg Price strive to reduce this. Their service is worth 5 Stars, however they are unable to chase certain debts due to requiring specific information (as a result of their regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority) that we may not possess. 9 times out of 10 they produce timely and effective results and so we will
continue to rely on them in the future.

Service details

Date:21st February 2019