Dear Rosemary,

May I thank you for all you have done for our company to date. Debt Recovery is never a pleasant undertaking. It proves especially stressful, when one is directly involved in the execution of a project, which has been well received by the client, but then for no specific reason does not get paid.

It is here, where I very much value the services you provide, because  it takes out the anguish and emotional involvement that I get with  trying to recover unpaid debt. Instead I can direct my focus on future prospects and use my time in more productive ways.

I also feel that regardless of the size of the claim, you appear to give the same importance to resolving the dispute and recovering the
funds for your client, and for that I am grateful.

I would be happy to recommend you to my friends, not so to my enemies!

All the Best,
Florian Kirchertz