To Whom It May Concern

We recently employed Sinclair Goldberg Price Ltd to attempt to recover a debt from a customer in administration. The sum involved was £16000 for the supply of power factor correction equipment.

The project was handled by Ms Rosemary McCreevy.

Ms McCreevy has succeeded in recovering the full amount that was outstanding and this took approximately 3 weeks. During this period she has kept us fully informed of progress and has been a great help in advising us on how to deal with the company which has taken over the project from our erstwhile client.

We are very happy with the result that SGP have obtained and, in particular, with Ms McCreevy’s efforts. I’m sure that we will be asking for this company’s help with future problematic debts and we will be requesting that the work is carried out by


Please feel free to contact the undersigned if you have questions or require clarification of any points

H Birtwistle

Managing Director

Service details

Date:10th August 2012